1. Do the owners of the business work in the business?

Yes, they are there full time overseeing the operations and planning.

2. What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a construction delivery system where a single source is responsible for design, permitting, construction and warranty including:

  • Obtaining and coordinating engineering and architectural design and overseeing all permitting.
  • Pricing at the preliminary drawing phase and adjusting design as necessary to meet budgetary requirements.
  • Responsible for management and construction through project completion.
  • Providing all maintenance information and taking care of warranty items after the project is completed.

3. Why is Design-Build usually the most efficient and cost effective way of business?

The planning process consists of a team of construction experts, project coordinators, estimators and the facility users. The process decentralizes decision making, empowering the participants to develop the most cost effective design to satisfy owner requirements. The designers are brought in as part of the team so cost effective and proven methods of construction are brought forth in the drawings – the first time.

4. How do I know I am getting a competitive price with the Design–Build Contractor?

Done properly, you will have a detailed scope of work and plans that you can use to have other qualified contractors quote the project. But because they have been there from project inception, your design-build contractor should have the last look, as they should be more qualified to complete your project. And by the time the project is ready to start you should have developed a comfort and trust with your design-build contractor in Tampa Bay.

5. Is Miller Contracting, Inc. insured?

Yes Miller Contracting, Inc. carries Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Automobile Insurance. All subcontractors on our projects also carry the above insurance.

6. When do you need a license to do work in Florida?

If you pay someone to construct a building or a structure, make structural alterations, renovate or remodel an interior space or perform services such as plumbing, air conditioning or electrical work, that company has to have a contractor’s license.